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My name is Faith Im from Queens, N.Y. Im a mom to a 10 year old son who I love dearly, he is also the inspiration for this line. LiL Independent Mindz started in 2014 with me shopping with my son at a children store looking for t-shirts. I kept seeing designs that wasn’t to my liking. At the time I was getting into motivational quotes, and messages light bulb went off lol! I then said to myself why don’t I start a kids line where I place positive messages words, quotes and designs on them.

As Hip Hop artist Biggie Smalls said “IT WAS ALL A DREAM” but it’s a dream I wanted to make a reality. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and I felt this is my calling. At the time I was learning how to do graphic design by a good friend I use to work with from Brooklyn N.Y. I said to myself why don’t I just give it a try, create my own kids line specifically for boys. I choose boys especially young boys of color because I feel they have been a target in the media, education, emotionally, just in life in itself. I wanted to create line for them to show them they are young kings, young warrior, and etc. Not only do I want them to know that but want them to feel it, believe it, and wear that item with pride. I always say they maybe little but they have there own little independent minds.

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