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LiL Independent Mindz

Greetings and welcome to my store my name is Faith I’m from Queens, NY and I’m the founder and owner of LiL Independent Mindz. I wanted to create a clothing line that carries positive messages for boys specifically. I’m an African American mom to a 11 year old boy, one thing I learned is words is power it can speak life as well as death into anybody human soul.

Many of our young boys need to hear more positive words to counteract the negative words they hear from society. We at LiL Independent Mindz want to introduce a new way of spreading positive and motivational energy to our children. My line completely focuses on these messages at all times with unique cultural designs. I thank you for taking your time out and checking out my shop enjoy!


All of our items contain positive and motivational messages as well as cultural designs.

Children Size and Ages

We cater to ages 2 to 8 years old with occasional limited edition baby and pre-teen pieces!


Our purpose is to influence kids to believe in the positives messages and unique designs and apply it to who they are as kids and how they feel. When your child believe in the positive words/messages they will reinforce it in there behaviors and apply it into there lives.

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